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The Last Tsar: The Life And Death Of Nicholas II #(2021)

The Last Tsar: The Life And Death Of Nicholas II

The Last Tsar: The Life And Death Of Nicholas II

  • Title: The Last Tsar: The Life And Death Of Nicholas II
  • Author: Edvard Radzinsky Эдвард Радзинский
  • ISBN: 9780340569955
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Hardcover
The Last Tsar: The Life And Death Of Nicholas II By Edvard Radzinsky Эдвард Радзинский,

[PDF] The Last Tsar: The Life And Death Of Nicholas II | by ↠ Edvard Radzinsky Эдвард Радзинский - The Last Tsar: The Life And Death Of Nicholas II, The Last Tsar The Life And Death Of Nicholas II Russian playwright and historian Radzinsky mines sources never before available to create a fascinating portrait of the monarch and a minute by minute account of his terrifying last days

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I read this a long time ago, but had to pull it off the shelf for the book I m finishing writing Time Patrol Ides of March, because one of the six missions in my book is on 15 March 1917 The day Nicholas II abdicated This book is an extraordinarily detailed account of how the events unfolded Some don t believe the author s claim that the execution of the family was ordered by Siberian Bolsheviks, but new evidence supports that While I m focusing on only one day, and not even on the Tsar, but rat [...]

One of the greatest books about Russia s past history Surprisingly very moving, but also very well written, this massive book is filled with such extravagance, drama, love, adventures and heartbreaks of all kinds that it reads like fiction than real history and yet, everything is true, to the last details and Radzinsky has done an amazing research job Truly a superb book, one of the very best and most interesting written about this period Radzinsky remains impartial and objective, and he does s [...]

While providing a tidbit here and there that I wasn t aware of, this book was distasteful to me It reads like a sensationalist journal rather than a historian s account The Massie book on Nicholas II was much concise and professional, and much less hysterical Massie was not looking for strange patterns and mysticisms, as Radzinsky seems to have been Skip this one, as it is not really worth your time, and offers very, very little new on a subject that has been written on by many others.

I read this quite a while ago, but I really enjoyed it Based largely on documents released by the Russian government during the 90 s and on journals entries from members of Nicholas II and his family, the author simultaneously unravels and adds to the mystery surrounding the last years of the tsar s life and the execution of his family during the Russian revolution.

This book was filled with great facts and history but it was poorly written Even History books should keep our attention shouldn t they

Wow This book had a lot of info I had no trouble following along with the first half, which was mostly explaining family relations there is a nice little family tree diagram at the front and stories from when Nicholas was born up until he took the throne Then the story moved into quotes from his diary and her diary, and their letters to each other when he was away Reading the excerpts from the diaries while in exile was interesting It was when the book moved into all the political names and part [...]

Excellent Lots of facts and history to plow through but totally worth it Uncovers true historical facts of what really happened to the Romanov s The first time some of these documents have been published from the Russian archives If you love Russian history or have an interest in the Romanov s I highly recommend it.

A great follow up to Robert Massie s Nicholas and Alexandra It s written in a quirky Russian style, a bit difficult to get intobut ultimately it pays off handsomely by telling the story of the last days of the royal family from a decidedly Russian point of view.

I unfortunately couldn t finish this book It is well written and intricate Shines a new light on the assassination of the Romanov family However, the characters are awful One has trouble sympathizing with the not so bright tsar Nicolas and his neurotic wife Past half of the book, one can t help shaking the feeling that the Romanovs are responsible for their own plight, knowing what was coming to them yet choosing to remain indolent and pray instead Tsar Nicolas is blindly and stupidly pious He i [...]

Back when I was a real person, I lived in Bloomington, Indiana, and I used to trawl all the town s bookstores looking for books about Nicholas, with whom I became fascinated during the summer of 2008 and outright obsessed with over the course of 2009 Caveat Emptor was a great place to go because I always found heaps of Russian books there a George R.R Martin lookalike manned the counter, and the entire place was floor to ceiling with books, an entire maze of bookshelves placed as close together [...]

The first half of the book, encompassing very much in brief the life of Nicholas II, is some of the worst historical work I ve read since having the misfortune of picking up Simon Dixon s biography of Catherine the Great Details are sparing, information is sketchy, and there are enough twists and turns of logic to make one s head spin Among other assertions the author expects us to take as fact Rasputin really did have mystic powers Alexandra was hysterical and borderline insane through most of [...]

This was a totally engaging biography I could not put it down The Nicholas who emerges in these pages is both despicable and sympathetic He is a nebbish placed by a capricious fortune at the vortex of history He is a basically decent man who occupies a corrupt, indecent office His naivete is both endearing and criminal Radzinsky is no apologist for the unfortunate last of the Romanovs neither is he judgmental, at least in regard to Nicholas himself The Tsarina, on the other hand, suffers at the [...]

An unforgettable, wonderful, powerfully written and vivid, but disturbing and touching book The best I have ever read so far about the last tsar, Nicholas II and his family The book is filled with detailed information based on documents, research, investigations, meetings, first hand witnesses information, and personal diaries I loved so much the insertion of some extracts of the Tsar s and the Tsaritsa s letters and diaries The book reveals the good, gentle, kind, but weak and spineless charact [...]

As I noted somewhere before, I continue to be fascinated with the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, with the whole history of the Russian czars and with the arrest and deaths of the last Czar, Nicholas II, and his family Rather than a dry history, Radzinsky uses documents that were opened from archives, personal histories diaries from those individuals involved in the Romanov assassinations and from Nicholas Alexandra themselves to create a very good study of what actually happened to Nicholas II an [...]

This was an odd book While Radzinsky s digging in the newly opened Soviet archives provides fascinating information, I had some problems with the book He has a habit which grows annoying of constantly making reference to tragic future events while narrating peoples lives He also indulges in a fair amount of speculation about events and people s thoughts and feelings The closing section in which he tries to find out about the final days of the Romanovs is especially confusing leaving this reader [...]

I found this such an interesting read on the history of Nicholas the II I learned a lot about Russian history that I never knew before, and thoroughly enjoyed this read and yes His last days were terrifying.

I did find the writing a bit tedious at times Nonetheless, I continued on.This book is a very in depth look at the last days of the last Czar, Nicholas II Did think it was very well researched.

excellent read

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They all die in the end

Amazingly informative You can t understand 20th century history without knowing this man s life, his circumstance, and his death.

I wrote in an earlier review about the apocalypse that the Russian revolution must have been to Christians who lived through it, those who had come of age in a self consciously, imperially Christian nation finding themselves citizens of an atheistic regime in active and open revolt against the structures of the faith But what about the ruling family themselves, the Romanovs This book is a portrait of the life of the last Russian tsar, Nicholas II, focusing on the tragedy of his final months and [...]

I learned a lot from this book, but I was also frustrated with it This is the type of book that historians write to prove a new point, and I respect the author for that After glasnost, Radzinsky seems to have been given access to the communist archives as pertains to the execution of Nicholas II and his family, and he cleared up many mysteries from that time Obviously, that s important But to do that, he has to include soooo many details that the general reader gets lost, drowned in the minutiae [...]

Interesting story but I didn t like his style of writing The beginning of the book makes it seem like the book will basically be all a second hand account told by this one woman Then like halfway through he stops talking about her Also I m pretty sure that since this book was written they ve done genetic testing on the bones found and have proven that the tsar s entire family was executed.

How do you make a story suspenseful when everyone knows how it ends Mr Radzinsky solved this problem in The Last Tsar by writing a historical detective tale The death of Russia s last tsar, along with that of his family, is told largely through actual documents diaries and letters of the tsar and his wife, and painstakingly uncovered reports from the Soviet archives In addition, there are interviews with people who contacted Mr Radzinsky after he began publishing articles in Russia about the tsa [...]

Will DiercksMs Brooks7 January 2013English 10The Last Tsar Review This book, and it is fairly long, is a large summary of the life and death of Tsar Nicholas II It starts out talking about his young life under his grandfather s strong rule of Russia In time his grandfather passed away and by order his father should have been the one to take over, but the young Nicholas was forced to after his father passed on the power Later on it describes his courship of Alix, short for Alexandra, who was the [...]

Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the Lord Obadiah 1 4 Thus was the last scripture reading of the Tsarita to her daughters prior to their murder This historical work is a powerful account of the last Tsar, Nicholas II, and the last of the royal Romanov family, who were killed by the Soviet communists in 1918 This investigative story is told by means of diary entries by the Tsar, his wife Alexandra Queen Vict [...]

Not only is this book a biography of Nicholas, it is the author s own experience of uncovering previously classified Russian archives The evidence he discovers regarding the death of the royal family was ground breaking at the time of publication, but now much of what he discovered is somewhat out of date Since then, the remains of the Tsar and his family have been positively identified and many of the rumors relayed to the author by unnamed sources have been laid to rest Not that the evidence i [...]

This is a remarkable account of the life and death of Nicholas II by a Russian historian The book uses and quotes, almost exclusively, original source material, including letters between Nicholas II and his wife, diaries of the tsar and all of his family wife, four daughters, and son the heir Alexei It also uses letters and accounts from the Bolsheviks, who participated in the execution of the family and the subsequent burials.The author, Edvard Radzinsky, began his research into the death of Ni [...]

  • [PDF] The Last Tsar: The Life And Death Of Nicholas II | by ↠ Edvard Radzinsky Эдвард Радзинский
    111 Edvard Radzinsky Эдвард Радзинский
The Last Tsar: The Life And Death Of Nicholas II