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The Golden Acorn #(2022)

The Golden Acorn

The Golden Acorn

  • Title: The Golden Acorn
  • Author: CatherineCooper
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Golden Acorn By CatherineCooper,

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[PDF] Download ☆ The Golden Acorn : by CatherineCooper - The Golden Acorn, The Golden Acorn When Jack Brenin finds a golden acorn lying in the grass little does he know that it is the beginning of a thrilling and magical adventure Just an ordinary boy Jack has been chosen for a hugely impo

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Why is it that some adults can write for children, and create a whole new world for the child to get lost in wonder, and others write as if child is synonymous with stupid The entire time I was reading this, I felt like a Stepford mom was leaning over my shoulder reading, and then, THIS happened, and then THIS happened, and THEN do you KNOW what that means little girl Well, I will just have to tell you Wheeee The story s potential and it wasn t a bad story, was suffocated under this apparent ass [...]

Published 20 08 2010 first published 2009 Author Catherine CooperRecommended for children and young adult I thought that this book was incredibly well written, the descriptions about the characters, the setting, the surroundings really made the book come alive to me It is aimed at children but I think any age could enjoy it For children it would be a good book to help stretch their imaginations to new lengths It does start off a little bit slow at the beginning but the plot soon quickens up This [...]

I am a sucker for free Kindle books on Every once in a while I check the top 100 free books list and download the ones that seem interesting to me I download too many of these books, but I have only read a few of them Some of the ones I read were so so, but one or two were actually good The Golden Acorn by Catherine Cooper was one of the nice ones.It took me a few days to read the book because I only read it in between breaks from work and what not It is clearly a book for kids and it just serve [...]

This book is classed as a children s book but I ask the following at what age do you have to stop reading children s books This book had everything I ask of a fantasy novel, rich in myth, history, folklore as well as magic, shape shifters and a whole host of other creatures We have the typical hero who doubts he is a hero but in this case, he is still a boy I guess that s why it s a children s book.This book skips along at a fairly even pace, with action of one form or another on every page whet [...]

I picked this up on my Kindle for free thanks , as I thought that my daughter would like it.However, after I d finished Arcadia Falls, I was going through a bit of a headachey time, and I knew that the next book I needed to start was Parrot Olivier in America, which looked quite hard going so I took the easy route before starting it by reading this, a children s book I m glad I did, as it was lovely Just lovely My daughter has since read it, and really enjoyed it too.Jack Brenin is a young lad w [...]

This book started out very slow, and I admit I did almost abandon it But the plot does pick up, and the raven s character Camelin has some subtle humor worth a snort I did feel the characters were very one dimensional, including the protagonist, yet he was still very likeable This was not a page turning gotta find out what s next kind of a read, but a broad brush view of the world of the faerie from one author s viewpoint I think the targeted audience of eight to twelve year olds would enjoy th [...]

We loved the series, both my 9 year old son at the time and myself.A saga of summer school vacations in the country, bullies and how to deal with them, grandfatherly love and bonus a lot of magic adventures and how to build your courage And the druids We are in love with this set.

Although I really liked the world that the author has set up, I didn t feel like the story progressed in a natural or even interesting way It was like the story was told with little detail, thus the story was a little dull.The main character, Jack has a lot to learn and not a lot of time to complete his magical education Although he has much guidance from Nora, his mysterious older neighbor and her young niece it is never explained why his grandfather who is also Jack s guardian allows his young [...]

I need to reread or skim this, as it s been two years I remember liking the main character and the pagan Celtic influenced fantasy plot, and thinking that this would be a good tween book I don t remember continuing with the series.

It is getting and interesting and Jacob is getting better at flying as a raven and the team found a baby dragon

Book 15 of my Reading ChallengeI loved this book for younger readers and for those young at heart like myself It is full of myths and magic a book that I am sure would be enjoyed by boys and girls alike Especially with the wonderful lead character of Camelin the raven Who incidently has his own Facebook page You will probably have to copy and paste the link to check it out.facebook Camelin 3185 The story is about a young boy Jack Brenin who finds a golden acorn that looks like an ordinary brown [...]

Childhood adventures, mysterious legends, hidden worlds, and heroic destinies are such an integral part of young fantasy literature I love these things for feeding a young boy s imagination In that spirit, I bought this for the boys It was disappointing None of them ever got past the first few chapters I had to force myself to finish it, thinking perhaps it would take a while to develop the characters They never developed Nor could my mom side stop twitching over the premise of a child s peer an [...]

Perhaps I should stop reading YA and children s books I rated the entire Twilight series better than this book and let me tell you, I know what crappy writing that series was and also how shamefully addictive it was, as well No there was nothing remotely teen lusty that I felt while reading this, but it is meant for a younger audience, I think That being said it couldn t keep my attention and I m usually quite good at keeping my attention focused There was nothing particularly gripping, or relat [...]

a very nice book with a journey so hard yet so simple , it speaks of many things like , loss and then moving into new place , and how new things and new life that start with helping others might eventually be the help we need and the home that new home is the real home and the one we have been all along , mainly its a bout a boy named jack who lost his mother , and his father sent home back to his grand father to live with , and about a sanchai and the woods of the fair folks , and most importan [...]

Although written for children, this is a story that can be enjoyed by adults who ve retained their enjoyment of a simple but entertaining yarn I admit I downloaded it because it was free, but also because the reviews many from adult readers were generally very positive The chosen one plotline was fairly clich and the peril was pretty tame, but it was enlived by a cast of characters who were consistently engaging and well drawn, even the minor ones I would have adored this book when I was a kid e [...]

I really enjoyed this book It struck me how anything new in this genre will never again escape comparisons to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings before it, of course This is no exception There are some very familiar elements used, but they are arranged in a way that is new and interesting from the start Added to it is a lot of lore about Druids I found myself wondering how much of it was taken from actual mythology.I enjoyed the fact that there is no real antagonist in the story There s just a p [...]

I was given a Kindle for Christmas, much to my surprise thank you and chose a large selection of free books from The Golden Acorn is the second on I have read It is what I would describe as Light Fantasy , and a great way to start off a younger reader into the genre, and a light book for the fantasy addict An enjoyable story which so far is completely different from other fantasy books I have read I would recommend this book, it won t suit everyone but I am enjoying it and would happily pass it [...]

I think the cover art of this book is the best part about it it offers color, beauty, and draw The story unfortunately didn t live up to it It had the potential to be wonderful but the author forgot about the intelligence of children when she wrote the writing was prosaic I kept hoping the book would get better because it had so much potential When I reached the end of the story I was caught off guard The story didn t feel finished to me it didn t feel resolved I truly believe Catherine Cooper c [...]

It was a good read, meant for a younger audience It reminded me of how much I loved The House With The Clock In Its Wall growing up, and The Golden Acorn certainly has the kind of magic and adventure that I think kids would be drawn to I am interested enough to read the next book, so it was definitely worth my time to download the free copy from I do want to pick up a print copy simply because the cover is so lovely

Excellent Story for all Fantasy Genre readers Also a very good reader for kids ages 9 and up It s written in words for kids but I enjoyed it immensely I burned through all 3 books in this series in 2 days It s unique story line, lovable characters, and comedic lines make this a great read for all

I got this book for free on my Kindle thinking I could entice my 13 year old reluctant reader to read a book if it was on a fun device but I haven t given him a chance to read it yet I started previewing it for him but I found it so fun I had to finish it I see there is a sequel for Kindle and I will be grabbing that one next to find out about Jack s next adventures.

I read this to my 7 year old grandson He absolutely LOVES it Every day he could hardly wait until I read him the next chapter He is now eagerly looking forward to my reading the second book in the series to him Glasruhen Gate I am looking forward to giving him so much enjoyment.

Weak Not enough whimsy, humor, wonder or originality It s clearly meant to be the start of a series, but I don t care what happens next and I m happy to abandon these one dimensional characters to their own dull company.

When Jack Breinin finds a golden acorn on the ground he is told he is The One Jack must save Arrana and her forest before they are gone forever At first her is not sure he wants to help, but he travles back in time to collect The Plates I would recomend this book for 6 7 graders.

this book and series has alot of promise and potential Although it started off slow I quite enjoyed the story and imagination involved in writing this book In my opinion this author will write great and amazing things in the future that I will definitly read.

Excellent young tale of magic and friendship and learning to be the person you want to be.

This is a verbal review from both a third and sixth grader who completed the book as a disclaimer, I did not but then again a middle aged gray haired guy is not the target audience Bottom line summary is they both loved the book, and we have ordered and they completed the Kindle format sequel When asked what they liked the most, the third grader said he liked the characters, time travel, and the story, which was about all I could get out of him The sixth grader said she liked the fantasy science [...]

A long, drawn out doddle before reaching any real action I read a section each night before bed and it kept putting me to sleep, until Jack and Camelin finally went back into the past Then, and only then, did the story become interesting It was easy to read, but so much could have been developed about the Hamadryads and Nymphs to have added extra depth.

Fabulous series Great adventure.

Filled with cute animal helpers and nothing devastating Everything comes together and there is a solution to every problem Interesting to learn about the Ynys M n druids too Very sweet

  • [PDF] Download ☆ The Golden Acorn : by CatherineCooper
    434 CatherineCooper
The Golden Acorn