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The Garden in the Clouds: From Derelict Smallholding to Mountain Paradise #(2021)

The Garden in the Clouds: From Derelict Smallholding to Mountain Paradise

The Garden in the Clouds: From Derelict Smallholding to Mountain Paradise

  • Title: The Garden in the Clouds: From Derelict Smallholding to Mountain Paradise
  • Author: Antony Woodward
  • ISBN: 9780007216512
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Hardcover
The Garden in the Clouds: From Derelict Smallholding to Mountain Paradise By Antony Woodward,

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Unlimited The Garden in the Clouds: From Derelict Smallholding to Mountain Paradise - by Antony Woodward - The Garden in the Clouds: From Derelict Smallholding to Mountain Paradise, The Garden in the Clouds From Derelict Smallholding to Mountain Paradise This is a warm witty memoir of one man s unlikely quest to create out of a mountainous Welsh landscape a garden fit for inclusion in the prestigious Yellow Book the Gardens of England and Wales Open

Recent Comments "The Garden in the Clouds: From Derelict Smallholding to Mountain Paradise"

Antony Woodward wrote one of my favourite ever books, Propellerhead , and the easy going, likeable and near eccentric style encountered in that book continues into this one Ostensibly about gardening, it s a story about that the writer buying a holiday home in an alien environment up a mountain in Wales and then trying to get the garden into shape So far, so cliched, but Woodward has a way fo telling his tale that draws you into it on his side You can believe the stories he tells are true, and [...]

Only because I have done a lot of those things myself in North Wales over the last two years, apart from the railway carriage, that is that was painful to read Sheep, bits of old iron, honey drips and pondl the same.

My reviews can also be found at hintonhitsthebooks.wixsite I probably need to prelude this review by explaining that I m not much of a gardener We recently bought a house with a fairly sizeable garden and so have got into it a bit in an effort to turn our blank canvas into somthing interesting to look at So I m a trier, rather than a gardener The point being that this is not a book I would naturally have picked for myself.However my good friend and fellow Book club member who is extremely passi [...]

What a delightful book On a day that began at 20 F I settled down in front of the wood stove with Woodward and or less stayed right there until bed time Thumbnail The Woodwards, Tony and Vez, buy a hilltop farm in the borderlands of Wales and are determined to get into the Yellow Book of the National Gardens Scheme, a charity, and open for garden visits as soon as possible which, if I have my reckoning right, was a year or maybe two and a half later My spouse and I didn t do all the things in t [...]

Sadly I have been slightly disappointing by this book it was recommended by a couple of people I trust It is a memoir of Antony Woodward s Welsh mountainside garden creation I have an interest in the outdoors and in gardening so this really appealed to me, however the writing was smug and indulgent and times, leaving me feeling annoyed Some of the chapters around stone walling, bee keeping and hedge laying really appealed to me and I enjoyed reading about them But I just can t effuse about it It [...]

I very rarely fail to finish a book, but I had to give up on this one about two thirds of the way in for the sake of my blood pressure On the face of it I should have loved it I love gardens, I love the Black Mountains and I dream of someday running away to live sustainably somewhere beautiful The start though was unpromising, involving the author explaining how he d never liked gardens but wanted to create one at a deeply unpromising elevation just to prove he could, and it went downhill from [...]

The Garden in the Clouds is not an encyclopaedia with gardening tips and facts but rather an autobiographical tale of an, as the subtitle indicates, hopeless romantic It s the story of Antony Woodward and his ideal to make a garden in the clouds Or high up on the mountains as the case may be From the move to Wales to all the various parts that make up his unique garden the author uses each chapter to dive into a different aspect of the transformation and manages to not only make the story consis [...]

Antony Woodward is a former London advertising copywriter who buys a remote hill cottage in the Brecons and starts trying to turn it into the garden in his head Which means he seeks lots of advice then ignores it because I want a pond I want a railway carriage I want a meadow with predictably calamitous consequences in most cases and particularly so when it came to getting a twenty ton brake van up a mountain had I been one of his long suffering neighbours, I certainly wouldn t have been pacifie [...]

I really tried to finish this book as a friend had bought this for my birthday but only got half way.It sounded great from the outside with me being a professional gardener myself, my love of the countryside, and being a hopeless romantic at heart but in truth I really struggled with it and got bored.Taking on a project like Antony Woodward did must have been exciting for him but not for me I m afraid.The only part I enjoyed which must have been an absolute nightmare was getting the old railway [...]

One of the best books I ve read Antony Woodward s writing style is humorous, light hearted and down to earth Sure, the whole idea of buying a derelict smallholidng half way up a mountain and then trying to create a garden with no prior experience of such things sounds pretty crazy eccentric but the story is all the engaging for that I guess it helps if, like me, you dream of doing similar sorts of things yourself I can appreciate that the subject matter might not be to everyone s interest, but [...]

I bought this expecting a tale of a family s struggle to make a garden and got a whole lot You instantly warm to the teller of the tale while also thinking he is quite mad, and alongside the humour is some beautiful really tear inducing memories from his family life I m not sure how he does it but the story becomes a much larger one than his or his garden or even his wider family and touches on the things we all carry around from our childhood I felt strangely uplifted at the end of it and have [...]

A cut well above the usual we left our well paid jobs in the city and bought a ruin in the middle of nowhere type of book This concentrates not on the house itself but creating a garden good enough to be an entry into the Yellow Book of open gardens The main problem is the height of the property in the clouds some of the time.Very informative about gates, stone walling, bee keeping and about how crafty sheep are They are not silly at all.Woodward has an easy writing style, doesn t try too hard t [...]

I wanted to like this book but it reeks of arrogant ignorance poorly disguised by loadsa money What Ant ney wants, Ant ney gets If he was my neighbour I d loathe him.But it gets two stars for reminding me to check what apples grow best locally so now have a choice of 70 varieties but have to do all the work myself so won t be in the Yellow Book this year

A lovely gentle read One man and his determination Who in their right mind would get a train carriage up a mountain Who would call a collection of fields and views a garden I question as one who gardens for my profession This book isn t going to change your life but it may uplift it.

  • Unlimited The Garden in the Clouds: From Derelict Smallholding to Mountain Paradise - by Antony Woodward
    436 Antony Woodward
The Garden in the Clouds: From Derelict Smallholding to Mountain Paradise