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Images of Organization #(2022)

Images of Organization

Images of Organization

  • Title: Images of Organization
  • Author: Gareth Morgan
  • ISBN: 0761917527
  • Page: 496
  • Format:
Images of Organization By Gareth Morgan,

[PDF] Images of Organization | by ↠ Gareth Morgan - Images of Organization, Images of Organization This pioneering work has now been abridged and revised to increase its accessibility and usefulness for today s practicing managers It shows how managers can broaden and deepen their understanding of

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This is a much wellcomed edition of the popular 1st edition There are many ways to learn teach organizational theory If you are a manager or are on your way to become a better and a effective one, you must be apt to interpret whatever surrounds you in your organization There are many possible perspectives or lenses from which you may view or analyze what is going on in your organization Applying than one multiplies your effectiveness as many times fold Your organizational life will not be the [...]

The book covers, in depth, every topic needed to understand the complex nature of organisations and how they work.Each chapter is very well constructed and makes for easy reading, and the finding of information is made easy too.Excellent comparisons between different theorists and well referenced.Well worth a copy if studying for any Business discipline.

The book is not an entry level textbook and does not waste any time getting to the points It challenges you to think differently about the forces that influence today s organizations and managers Using metaphors to explain concepts and practices it is easy to understand the material and apply it to any organization, manager, or employee I did not give the book five stars because it was published in 1998 and so much has changed due to the internet.

This is a business book for an English major No really, if you like to think metaphorically, you will enjoy this book because it gives several models for understanding organizations The organization as an organism, as a brain, as a physic prison, etc.At the end of each chapter, the author summarizes and then states the limitations and advantages of each metaphor The final chapters are devoted to applying these approaches to real examples As far as business books go, I found this one very interes [...]

This book presents the idea that all organizations are structured in one of several ways, and that these structures determine how successful the organizations will be What a great insight, and a non threatening way to approach bringing about systemic change in organizations in order to make them work successfully.

a pretty interesting read.If you are tempted to put the book down at the start, just give it a bit time It s actually very good.

great book

  • [PDF] Images of Organization | by ↠ Gareth Morgan
    496 Gareth Morgan
Images of Organization