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Journey of Honor #(2022)

Journey of Honor

Journey of Honor

  • Title: Journey of Honor
  • Author: Jaclyn M. Hawkes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Journey of Honor By Jaclyn M. Hawkes,

[PDF] Journey of Honor | by ✓ Jaclyn M. Hawkes - Journey of Honor, Journey of Honor Disowned she came to America anyway Attacked and left pregnant by a vicious mob she still pressed on Finally in spite of being accused of theft by the vilest of her attackers Giselle tries to rema

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Journey of Honor A Love Story is a tale of romance set in the old west during the mid 1800 s.Trace Grayson and his adopted African American brother, Mose have decided that the bigotry in Georgia and the memories of the past are too much and decided to head out to find a tolerable place to inhabit and they start their own teamster train to sell goods in the territories After gathering all the necessary wagons to make a train, the pair set out from St Joseph, Missouri to travel across the mountai [...]

mid 1800 s, missouri, wagon train, she is accused of theft, attacked by mob and left pregnant, 214p A Journey Through the Refiner 19s FireDisowned, she came to America anyway Attacked and left pregnant by a vicious mob, she still pressed on Finally, in spite of being accused of theft by the vilest of her attackers, Giselle tries to remain as upbeat and uncomplaining as a prairie wildflower as she travels on to Zion.Thoroughly disillusioned with the ugliness and cruelty of slavery in the South, T [...]

really enjoyed this love story by Hawkes I like the realistic trials of Giselle in the early Church setting Disowned and trying to follow the new counsel of the Church, Giselle leaves her privileged home life of Holland to travel to America, be persecuted and attacked by the mob, and still try to make her way to Salt Lake to Zion The instant attraction of Giselle and Trace is refreshing, especially as the plot evolves and puts these two in line to be traveling together in the wagon train I love [...]

A sweet romance with characters you care about A marriage of convenience and a treacherous pioneer trek make this an enthralling story Trace and Giselle start with a marriage of convenience that will protect her, but soon realize they are falling in love Giselle is a Mormon, Trace is not The plan is for them to have the marriage annulled when they reach the Salt Lake valley and Trace will continue on his way to California.There are discussions and explanations of LDS principles as Trace learns a [...]

Journey of Honor takes some of the most popular elements of fiction and weaves them together in one history, romance, adventure We learn to respect Trace for his dedication to doing what was right, Mose for being a stable influence, and Giselle for bearing her burdens cheerfully We get a taste of daily life on the trail and what it must have been like for the pioneers as they made their way across the plains, facing things we ve never contemplated.I did have a few small issues with the book I wo [...]

Nice love story, with a lot of LDS principles discussed by the characters Even though this is a story based on pioneers heading to Zion and crossing the plains, the book deals with the characters and their own personal struggles More kissing and snuggling included than in books published by the big LDS publishers There is also some violence included and death Good book for those that want to read a god romance.I give this book 3 1 2 starsTo read the full review of this book, please go visit my [...]

Great book about the pioneers Trace sees a girl one day in Missouri as he is preparing to head west who turns his heart forever When they chance to be in the same wagon train and an evil man tries to keep Giselle from going by accusing her of theft, Trace proposes marriage to help Giselle post bail and leave the trumped up charges Their journey across the American frontier is wrought with sickness, Indians, daunting weather, and a secret Giselle carries within her This story was fun to read as t [...]

Fantastic historical Mormon fiction I could not put this book down I had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen with Trace and Giselle A touching story of hardship and the small blessings in life that come through perseverance A situation that starts out seeming insurmountable ends up blessing the lives of multiple people Recommend this book to anyone who wants a great book to read.

Another wonderful book from one of my favorite authors I love reading about this time period Those that lived during it were tough people I m not sure I could walk behind a wagon, or ride in one as it bumped along the trail hitting all the little holes Cooking over a fire would be challenging I would miss my indoor pumping Just all the physical labor taking care of everything I would be one that would fall into bed exhausted I can t wait for another book of hers

A friend said that she liked this book better than Jaclyn Hawke s other book, The Most Important Catch I have to say that I didn t like this one very well I didn t think the characters were developed very well I found the story, for the most part, to be depressing I liked her other book much better.

I like this author for a clean romance This is a story about two people who are married for convenience and then cross the plains to Salt Lake together facing indians, the weather and illness I liked the story, but sometimes I thought the solution was obvious and it took the characters too long to figure it out.

I thought this story s plot was good, but I didn t really feel like I was there with the characters, experiencing what they did I thought the author told than she showed Instead of telling me about the obstacles they went through, I wanted to feel it.

Very clean, romantic, and funny story of a pioneer girl meeting up with a man who was helping her group get to Utah This book had great characters, and was well written Only a few editing issues, but a great story I d let my teen daughter read this.

I really enjoyed this story of a determined pioneer girl and her journey across the plains to Utah Her courage and faith along with her growing love for her marriage of convenience husband make an interesting and fun story that is hard to put down.

LDS historical romance about a young Danish girl traveling to the Salt Lake Valley on a wagon train that, was not a Mormon group , and the honorable man who helped her make it there safely despite the problems that faced them.

LDS fiction Good Story line, quick read


I likes the books by Hawkes While this had a little in common with the other books she has written, perhaps because of the different time and setting the commonalities did not jump out at me.

I totally loved this story It had adventure, religion, and romance The characters really came to life for me.

I loved the description in this book The characters and settings were memorable.

i really like how they treated each other and how they grew to love each other.

It was a sweet story with lots of emotional drama to overcome.

Loved it Great historical LDS fiction

A good quick read.

Story of faith and courage, but a bit unbelievable LDS fiction, a crossing the plains and romance tale.

The first part is good, but the research isn t all it should be.

Realy This is nothing but a book about the Mormons Later Day Saints Next time I see the LDS in one of the book shelves I ll know

A Mormon historical romance Interesting Actually not too bad story, less religion, so it didn t feel too forced.

3.5 stars I really liked the story and writing but it seemed to end quickly everything pulled together nice and neat, almost like she ran out of time to get it to the publisher.

The continuous problems got a little redundant, and I got tired of listening to the constant lust issues with the two characters at bedtime.

  • [PDF] Journey of Honor | by ✓ Jaclyn M. Hawkes
    422 Jaclyn M. Hawkes
Journey of Honor