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The Dreaming: A Novel of Australia #(2021)

The Dreaming: A Novel of Australia

The Dreaming: A Novel of Australia

  • Title: The Dreaming: A Novel of Australia
  • Author: Barbara Wood
  • ISBN: 9780517106044
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Hardcover
The Dreaming: A Novel of Australia By Barbara Wood,

[PDF] The Dreaming: A Novel of Australia | by Ð Barbara Wood - The Dreaming: A Novel of Australia, The Dreaming A Novel of Australia Absolutely splendid it sweeps you away Cynthia Freeman New York Times bestselling authorSet in the untamed landscape of mid nineteenth century Australia The Dreaming is a rich and potent tale of hid

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4.5 Outback Dreaming Stars for the story and narration Historical fiction lovers with elements of romance will love the Australian exploration of the late 1870s intermixed with the rich cultural history and interesting beliefs of the Aborigines of many decades before From its portrayal of the cultural clashes between the white man and the Aborigines the original inhabitants of Australia to the lack of acceptance among the British gentry of the nouveau rich sheep farmers in Australia, The Dreamin [...]

I had previously read Soul Flame, a historical tale set in the Middle East by Barbara Wood I found many similarities when I was enjoying The Dreaming The current book is set in 1800s Australia but both show women s ways of life, from differing cultures an arid landscape which yet provides for the people healing wisdom and medicinal herbs travel within the wider area exploration of culture and spirituality Our protagonist Joanna Drury, daughter of a woman who had missionary parents and lived amon [...]

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I have liked most books by Barbara Wood, but this one seemed overly long It got tiresome hearing over and over about the dog and serpent nightmares Don t get me wrong, the book is well written, perhaps it just wasn t a book that appealed to me at the moment.

This wasn t a book I had heard about elsewhere and was dying to read it just came across my desk at the library and I snagged it for myself You can t see the cover, but it s intriguing Aboriginal designs and the title The Dreaming a reference to Aboriginal creation stories and subtitle, A Novel of Australia caught my eye Having recently returned from there and being interested in Aboriginal culture and beliefs, I was hopeful that this book would be well researched and give me insight, as well a [...]

A nice epic story about Australia during nineteenth century I like chapters of this book about Aborigines and their customs and beliefs.

An excellent story of a young woman who travels to Australia to find out about the curse that her mother and she have been living with A finding of oneself.

I wanted to read it because I wanted to know of history of Australia Before this novel I have know of this a little from movies and a general knowledge, but I wanted to know after A Town Like Alice and The Forgotten Sister Mary Bennet s Pride and Prejudice In this two books only part of the action takes place in Australia but in was enough for me to make me wanting Now I know In other words, it was a good lesson about Australia Further, there are also many other historical facts, from medici [...]

As always, I am incredibly impressed with Barbara Wood s extensive research into any subject, country, or race she writes about This novel offers an in depth look at the early colonial days of Australia and how the people lived Readers will learn about Aborginal superstitions, the sheep trade, kangaroos, dingos, and early immigration During this education, there is a love story or two, tragedy among families, and revenge plots This novel follows Johanna from India to Australia where she marries [...]

Australia has interested me since I was a kid and any Australian saga fascinates me to no end I devoured this book and absolutely loved it Though I will say that the ending was rather abrupt and left things hanging, leaving the reader to interpret how things actually turned out hence 4 stars and not 5 Reminiscent of the Outback series by Aaron Fletcher which I read and thoroughly enjoyed years ago This type of book just reinforces my desire to experience the Australian Outback in all it s terrib [...]

Although it has been almost 20 years since I read this book I read it in college, maybe 1992 , it was a favorite of mine for years The story was mesmerizing and really drew me in Set in Australia it grew my dream of wanting to visit some day, but most important, the main character I was endeared to her and it was after reading this Barbara Wood novel that I fell in love with the name Joanna At the end of the story, I thought the name a beautiful name for an adventurous, courageous and loving gir [...]

I did have much time for reading but when I finally had I was very surprised I expected everything but not that I will enjoy every pageThe characters came alive and the wonderful blend of storytelling with the richness of the Aborigine culture mixed with the struggles of the settlers of that time I was surprised to find out the author hadn t lived there her research was so richly detailed It made me want to read of her books.

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Under the blazing sun of India, Joanna Drury was dreaming again, a recurring nightmare of troubling visions that had long plagued her mother, Emily, too before she died Thus begins the sweeping tale of a woman s courage to seek out the mystery of a generations old curse that has haunted her family into the untamed and forbidding land of Australia.Barbara Wood once again presents us with a strong heroine amidst the roughness and stifling heat of the Outback in mid nineteenth century Joanna s stre [...]

I debated over how many stars to give this book 2 or 3 I finally settled on 3 because I liked it And that s what 3 stars means What I liked It was a very original book with an original storyline and subplots I enjoyed the rich history and how the author wove it all through everyone s stories The writing itself wasn t bad and there was a lot of interesting explanations and descriptions I really felt like I could see Australia and the events that were happening The people came alive and had their [...]

Barbara Wood uses meticulous research and elegant writing to create novels with believable characters and realistic settings that transport the reader to exotic countries and far off times The Dreaming takes us to Australia in the Victorian Era, when Darwin is an upstart scientist and Jules Verne is writing his inspiring novels.Young Joanna Drury of colonial India has lost both parents within days of each other and has made a promise to her mother to go to Australia in search of answers to the w [...]

I like the cover I enjoyed the book after about the first quarter of it It was hard for me to get away from the movie Australia in my head while reading the beginning and it didn t help that the main male of the story is named Hugh Woman on a boat, woman finds child, rears child as own after a while They end there, and the real story takes off The love triangle portions were predictable and not really enjoyable, but the main story line is very good The last half of the book was much better, got [...]

view spoiler Plot In 1871, a ship sails into Melbourne Harbor, bringing Joanna Drury to Australia She has come to find property left to her by her mother and also to trace mysterious aspects of her mother s past, a past that has begun to haunt Joanna s life and dreams.Joanna meets fascinating Hugh Westbrook whose sheep station, Merinda, is developing into a vast frontier empire, and she falls deeply in love with him But increasingly her life is plagued by peculiar reversals, and Joanna notices t [...]

Although I enjoyed this book, I didn t love it, primarily because it couldn t make up its mind what it wanted to be Is it a romance A mystery A look at the bond between mothers and daughters A social examination of the plight of the Aborigines Just historical fiction about Australia I m still not sure what the central point was Between the confusing, sometimes pointless side plots, the random shifts in POV, the time jumps, and that rush job of an ending, it makes for a frustrating read, with spo [...]

This is my first encounter with this author All in all, it kept my attention throughout the whole not so small book I feared for the ending as the mystery of the curse evolved and suspected that it would be hard to satisfy the reader after the unrealistic effects and powers of the curse seemed to pile up, but was somewhat pleasently surprised at the end Book also represents a wonderful insight into the customs and traditions of Aborigines However, Joanna s constant nightmares, expressing her fea [...]

This was recommended as historical fiction but read like a cheap romantic novel I m surprised there wasn t a cheesy picture of Fabio on the cover I actually tried to force myself through this and ended up skipping the last 20 pages because I truly didn t care what happened to the characters by that point.I m sorry I wasted so much of my time reading this book.Back to my old rule if it doesn t grab my attention or is so poorly written as to be laughable , I will not force myself to read it Been t [...]

sehr gut recherchierte, aussergew hnliche Lekt re eine reise zur ck in die unbekannte Welt der Aborigines es braucht etwas Offenheit f r diese art von buch und auch eine Faszination f r das magische unerkl rliche wood hat eine elegante Schreibweise, die zu jederzeit fesselt einzelne teile des buchs sind etwas in die l nge gezogen, daf r kommt das ende sehr abrupt darum gibt es nur drei von f nf Sternen.

This novel is set in Australia following the life of a young English girl who was born and raised in India but whose mother father death when she was 18 years old sends her on a quest to claim some land left to her mother by her grandparents and to try and uncover the mysteries surrounding the curse her mother believes is on their family I liked it very much It s a great saga and I loved the descriptions of Australia and the Aboriginis and their culture beliefs A good read.

Ahhhh Australia I read The Thorn Birds in middle school and ever since, I have a special lace in my heart reserved for fiction set in Australia This book has a little bit of romance, some historical fiction, and tons of mystery and adventure Joanna is looking to solve the mystery of what happened to her grandparents and why her mother felt the family was cursed It brings in a lot of Aboriginal folklore and I just couldn t put it down.

I m not really into spiritual views or anything, but even with that, I loved this book It was so exciting and interesting and nice paced, I couldn t even put it down The characters were real and they were really easy to identify myself with, or see their motivation I liked that most of their conflicts or inner thought processes was based on basic human life situations and feelings that are present in every age, so I knew what they were going through.

I really, really enjoyed this story about pioneer Australians in the 1850 s A girl and her mother were planning a trip to Australia They were going to find the origins of their family The mother was bothered by things a lot of snakes and mad dogs that are now bothering her daughter Unfortunately the mother dies.

The Dreaming was the first book I ve read by Barbara Wood, and then I tracked down every one of her books A woman s journey across the Australian outback and her encounters with the aborigines was amazing She mostly centers her books around female heroines in different parts of the world and different eras, and has a definite spiritual spin on her stories, which speaks to me.

I loved all that I learned about Australia in the 1800s, the fascinating lives of the aborigines, the culture clashes, the family mysteries, and the hard work of the sheep farmers And I really, really loved the mystical aspect of the novel I felt that the ending was a bit abrupt, though, and I felt a bit unsatisfied by it Still, I would give another Barbara Wood book a try.

I enjoyed this book I liked how happy it was all the problems people were resolved and even the characters you think you won t like end up being o.k The characters were all a little stereotypical pretty, perfect heroine, ruggedly handsome, honorable hero but it was a fun read.

  • [PDF] The Dreaming: A Novel of Australia | by Ð Barbara Wood
    241 Barbara Wood
The Dreaming: A Novel of Australia