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My Dearest Hurricane: Love and Things that Looked like It #(2021)

My Dearest Hurricane: Love and Things that Looked like It

My Dearest Hurricane: Love and Things that Looked like It

  • Title: My Dearest Hurricane: Love and Things that Looked like It
  • Author: Morgan Nikola-Wren
  • ISBN: 9780998589817
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
My Dearest Hurricane: Love and Things that Looked like It By Morgan Nikola-Wren,

Unlimited My Dearest Hurricane: Love and Things that Looked like It - by Morgan Nikola-Wren - My Dearest Hurricane: Love and Things that Looked like It, My Dearest Hurricane Love and Things that Looked like It To all the loves I ve weathered on the way to where I amd especially to the ones who keep checking to see if I ve written about them Morgan Nikola Wren author of Magic with Skin On returns with her

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i ve combed my fingersthrough each moment,but still can t say exactlywhen your name stormed its wayinto my smileLovely collection of poetry by a recent favorite new poet If you enjoyed her first book you ll love this, too.I kind of missed the story prose aspect used in Magic With Skin on, and it took me a bit longer to get immersed but I still loved it.Gorgeous poetry about love and

I thoroughly enjoyed this collection Morgan s writing is always a combination of dark poetry and fantastical poetry it always strikes me when I m reading her work However, I didn t connect strongly with the first section of the collection compared to the other sections Overall, it was a powerful poetry book with poems that will stay with me for a long time.

This book is the perfect mixture of emotions and magic The atmosphere that Morgan Nikola Wren weaves with words is almost tangible and I didn t want to reach the end.

I have been a loyal fan of Morgan since her debut collection of poetry and prose, Magic with Skin On My Dearest Hurricane just re sealed a deal already written in ink I devoured that one just as I devoured this one that is, I savored each soul strewn verse, and felt nourished by this book in a way that only Morgan can do She satisfies your appetite for heart hitting love poetry, and something beyond it When you read My Dearest Hurricane, you experience right along with her the messy phases of he [...]

I received a copy of My dearest hurricane by Morgan Nikola Wren in exchange for an honest review However, this will not influence my review in any way My dearest Hurricane is a collection of poems The book is short, about 70 pages, and really easy to read I ve read this book entirely in one sitting It s divided in four parts, as a main theme for the poems contained in those sections.Morgan Nikola Wren s poetry is elegant, rich, full of emotion and has a dark twist to it She wraps you around thes [...]

My Dearest Hurricane is Morgan Nikola Wren second poetry book I ve read, and some how I loved it even than the first book of hers I read Even though this is a book of a collection of love poems I found that this book was than just love poetry She writes about many different sides of what s it s like just to have feelings These pages are filled with lines that I enjoyed so much that I had to read them than once, just because I liked them that much you were going to be the poems everyone would [...]

You guys have probably heard me talk about Morgan Nikola Wren s work before I adored her first book, Magic With Skin On, and I was beyond excited to read MDH Well, it did NOT disappoint Morgan has such a distinctive style I am not sure I can compare her to another modern poet, but that is a good thing She is sort of in a league of her own, and deserves WAY press than her works gets Anyway, My Dearest Hurricane was an absolute gem Read it and Magic ASAP.

I received a copy from the author for an honest review and I honestly feel so honored because reading her poetry book was one of the best and heady and exhilarating experience I ve had.Her writing is elegant, her words beautifully woven, rich and she paints vivid images in your mind and heart with the simplest of words It makes you feel love from beginning to end, it makes you love and cry and heal.The book has 4 parts, the stages of love from the first stirrings love gives you to the moments wh [...]

Morgan Nikola Wren s writing is pure magic I am so thankful to have been sent a copy of her newest poetry book, My Dearest Hurricane, which is her new collection of love poems I don t think I could pick a favourite, because so many of the poems in this book rooted themselves so deeply into my mind that I fell in love with each new page The words have stuck with me after reading, and I can tell this is a collection I will read again and again The words are woven so beautifully, and cried out from [...]

I devoured this book in less than an hour, and have spent the rest of my day pouring over the words again, absorbing their impact over and over What a gorgeous poetry collection from one of the most brilliant poets in the contemporary scene Somehow the poetess finds a way to put the most poignant of meanings into the simplest words, which makes it hit that much harder when they find their mark The resonance of these poems will echo in my chest for years to come What a privilege it has been to ta [...]

Title My Dearest Hurricane Love and Things that Looked like it.Author Morgan Nikola WrenPublication Date August 28, 2017Start Date September 1, 2017End Date September 1, 20175 StarsFirstly, I would like to thank Morgan for sending me a copy of her beautifully written book It was an honor to receive and an honor to read it My Dearest Hurricane is Morgan s second poetry collection centering on the idea of love and loss Released in late August, the poetry collection follows the narrator as he or sh [...]

Honestly and Truly, Amazing I would recommend this to anyone and everyone, I have probably mentioned Magic With Skin On at least once to everyone already I literally just finished reading My Dearest Hurricane and reviewed it on and as I wrote earlier, Morgan s writing makes me firmly believe that I have been with a thousand different lovers and a thousand different selves due to the way she creates the most beautiful metaphors for Everything Morgan deserves the world and , she writes so amazingl [...]

Intoxicatingly beautiful poetry Morgan Nikola Wren has written a gorgeous collection of poetry which in the simplist words takes you on a rollercoaster of emotion I devoured this book in less than an hour, each poem making me reflect I my own experiences Like the scars from my own past, these poems will forever linger I am so grateful to of been apart of this journey I highly recommend this poetess to anyone who wishes to read pottery they themselves can relate too.

I ve only recently gotten into poetry, but this is honestly one of the best collections I have ever read ever Each and every single poem was so beautifully written and spoke to my soul in ways I ve never experienced before I feel like I went on a journey of sadness and acceptance and love and loss through those words I loved every single poem so much, and they were just all so deep and soulful and amazing and perfect

How do you even begin to talk about a book that had you crying after the 5th poem Where you can t tab the pages because every page would be tabbed Where each line pulls up something deep and raw inside of you that you can t help but look at it and the words and feel understood for it This book is beautiful and a masterpiece and I m gunna go read it 70 times now.

I have nothing but pure love for this The poems are dark, rich in imagery and just plain beautiful.I picked this book up before her first poetry collection because it was cheaper, but I will buy anything from Morgan Nikola Wren from now on Excuse me, that this review is so short, but my thoughts are still occupied with the poems.

I received this book of poetry in a giveaway, and am stunned by how beautiful it is The writing is superb, and emotional in a way that is altogether haunting and hopeful Its a treasure that I ll be rereading for years to come

Compelling, earnest, imaginative, and completely relatable This wonderful collection of poems takes any reader who has fumbled through these sensations we call love on the journey all broken hearts need Amazing work by an amazing poet, I read this book in one sitting.

Reminded me how beautiful the written language can be.

When I received this book, I read it instantly Twice Morgan Nikola Wren has such a beautiful way of writing From love to loss and pain and back again, these poems bare the soul of emotion I highly recommend this book to readers of poetry and even readers who don t have a lot of experience with poetry As a reader you cannot help but take something from this collection her words will move you.

Received this book from the author herself and I must say, I am in love with her writing It s the first time I ever read anything from her and I wish I was there during her Debut so I could continue sharing pieces of her work.I have doubts all the time when it comes to poetry books because they sometimes tend to be forced for me But her poetry is so simple and yet so impacting I really love the topics, and the sections of the book It s magical, and deep, and leaves you dropping the book to your [...]

Morgan Nikola Wren has done it again I couldn t help but sit down and devour this little treasure while ignoring my lunch Her words are warm honey against your tongue Read her collections out loud to yourself, you won t regret it.

  • Unlimited My Dearest Hurricane: Love and Things that Looked like It - by Morgan Nikola-Wren
    387 Morgan Nikola-Wren
My Dearest Hurricane: Love and Things that Looked like It