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The Invasion of Gaul #(2021)

The Invasion of Gaul

The Invasion of Gaul

  • Title: The Invasion of Gaul
  • Author: S.J.A. Turney
  • ISBN: 9781484136805
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
The Invasion of Gaul By S.J.A. Turney,

Free Read The Invasion of Gaul - by S.J.A. Turney - The Invasion of Gaul, The Invasion of Gaul It is BC and the mighty Tenth Legion camped in Northern Italy prepare for the arrival of the most notorious general in Roman history Julius Caesar Marcus Falerius Fronto commander of the Tenth i

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Pg 275 we re outta here, will write on the why s at some stage Originally this was heading towards potentially a three as its quite a promising start with all the prominent characters coming to the fore in the defence battle around Geneva in the opening chapters, good fast start, ok dialogue the makings of a fine Roman based series to follow, one with a little depth to it than the adventures of Macro Cato of Scarrow fame is what I was hoping for what a jolly wheeze wot ho Topper So why we quit [...]

Highly recommended for one reading, but mediocre 2 upon rereading I only read partway through the second time then finally donated the volumes I had in the series to the library Someone else will enjoy them I m sure The whole series may be to others tastes My original review I had put off reading this one because of Caesar as a character I can t stand the man unashamed self promotion in his writings I had to suffer through his book Caesaris Commentarii de Bello Gallico 20053972 in high school L [...]

This title has been published under the auspices of the phenomenally successful YouWriteOn POD publishing programme in the UK Ostensibly it is allowing new and untried writers to break into the market place in an otherwise notoriously difficult industry into which an author must battle his way I read this book with interest as I have been a failed student of ancient civilisations This re kindled my interest and I found that Turney had meticulously researched his background I was also wary of a b [...]

Marius Mules is simply a cracking read.The main characters are warm and instantly likeable and the camaraderie between Rome s finest is spot on Even the not so good guys are well woven take Caesar, who comes across as intriguing and devious just what is he up to This one of many compelling reasons to keep turning the pages The battle and fight scenes show a rich imagination and you can feel the action going on around you through vivid and gory description, some of which still make me shudder.At [...]

Julius Caesar is a man whose ambition knows no bounds and Marcus Falerius Fronto, commander of the 10th Legion, career soldier and companion of the general for ten years, knows it all too well Caesar has assembled an army in northern Italy, his target Gaul, a country Rome has been at peace with for years But Caesar s desire for greatness and revenge drives him to engineer a war with the Celtic tribes that inhabit the region, no matter what it costs his men.The Marius series has been on my radar [...]

Very good debut abut a Roman career officer who attaches himself to the star of Julius Caesar in Spain and later in Gaul despite misgivings, Caius Valeirus Fronto becomes Caesar s main fighting legate against the Helvetians and and later AriovistusLots of typos, anachronisms and some careless editing mar the book and it truly could have done with better editing but I enjoyed it a lot and would recommend it to anyone looking for a historical fiction novel about Caesar conquest of Gaul less blood [...]

This was a very pleasant surprise The beginning of the book was a bit hard to get into, but then it picked up, and wow I have to say that I haven t read better battle scenes and development of characters under these conditions in a while I am not sure how Turney does it, but somehow he can encompass the whole battlefield without using the old surviving character is summarizing the battle method He also obviously gave a great thought to infantry and cavalry tactics There is hardly any author of R [...]

The author does a fine job investing Roman battles with grit and intensity, and I can t argue with his scholarship Where the book falters is in the characterizations the legates, the decurions, and the primus plus tend to blend together and the characters spend a lot of time drinking at bars There s just not a lot of plot.I think the book would ve worked better with fewer characters better realized Even with my qualifications,if you like Roman history the novel s a bargain at 2.99 and the 8 book [...]

4.5 starsWell This is excellent and would have had 5 stars but was a bit short on an actual plot Simon Turney is, in my opinion, absolutely the best writer of warfare I have read His characterisation is very good Reading the author s note at the end, I have to say he achieved what he set out to do and I am confident that his writing skills will have grown in subsequent books, hopefully with a bit plot No matter, he s a wonderful writer and I was impressed by his grasp of his chosen era He also [...]

Wanted to like it but really didn t I love the period and it was really a disappointment, felt it was light on story and historical context Vocab didn t feel it fitted the period Permission to speak plainly pardon

Wow Probably the best book I have read regarding Caesar s conquest and the roman legions You get a good feel of every day life in the legionsLook forward to reading this series Highly recommend this book and the series to anyone who loves to read about Caesar, Ancient Rome and Ancient Battles.


Did not finish the book Characters were not believable.


Fun series to read.

Review to follow

Historical Fiction is a broad category, and this is a worthy contribution It is Fiction placed in a historical context As a HUGE FAN of McCulloughs First Man in Rome, it is somewhat difficult to read lesser versions of the genre but in the Pulp Novel version of the same, this is pretty darn good Great battle scenes, fun and relateable characters, page turning plots maybe I should rate this higher except that well, I don t know Maybe I just LIKE Colleen s version of JC better than Turney s versio [...]

Having finally finished this at 4am I am both glad I finished it and sad that I took so long with it.While there are many other books that are centered around the hard bitten noble centurion This is the first of a series that I have found that focuses on the higher ranks, Legates, Tribunes and Caesar himself At first I was a bit wary that this might be yet another volume in the adventures of Caesar, that have appeared over the years Happily this is not the case and JC appears upon occasion to gi [...]

Rated 0 stars Caesar s Gaul campaign is a well known fact and much has been written of the same in the past It was a campaign that was to further his career so that he could do something that was considered impossible by the elitist s of Rome With the backing of the other two Pompey Crassus of the triumvirate he embarks on a annexation on a flimsy excuse The genocide of the Helvitte tribe is well know, thou this book is about the inner camp story of the senior staff attached to Caesar The comman [...]

When I was asked to look up this title I have to say I was unsure Its not main stream publication, its got little or not marketing behind itc etcBut im a sucker for a roman historical fiction book, and the tag line It is perhaps time we looked at Caesar as a scheming warmonger than a heroic warrior This appealed to me, ole JC gets his behind kissed a bit too much so it would be good to see him portrayed a little differently.This is the up to date edited version, an advantage over the big publi [...]

This story is a well paced, page turner, charting Julius Caesar s invasion of Gaul If you are a fan of Historical Fiction from the likes of Simon Scarrow, Conn Iggulden and David Gemmell, then this really is a book for you With great characterisation, bloody battle scenes and political wranglings, the author tells a very different story of one of Rome s greatest Generals revealing him to be a power hungry politician rather than a hero of his people Written from the POV of the men under his leade [...]

This a great book that I came across by chance trying to replace stories about Simon Scarrow s Macro and Cato This is a fast paced story about our hero Fronto and his path to glory in Gaul supporting Caesar s invasion Very much the career soldier, Fronto is straight forward and not afraid to speak his mind The book has a number of twists and sub plots, which keep you reading to find out what Fronto and the quite devious Caesar are up to next Turney seems to have done his research and even offers [...]

The First in the Marius Mules Series, set in Ceasar s Invasion of Gaul My gods, this is a belter of a series I have read up to book three currently, and I am hooked Brilliantly told, the characters are truly great, and the mix of serious action full on warefare, Drunkenness and politics combines to tell a smashing tale Indeed, in MArcus FRonto, Simon has created a main character that you could imagine being in a bar getting absolutely pissed with, never mind likeable and believable.

Excellent read.Once get to know the characters you ll find the book grabs you and you find it hard to put it down, and when you finish, you want carry on the story which I am with the next in the series.The way it s written you can picture the scenes,battles and people themselves,and the humour to me was really good it made the characters real.If you like roman historical fiction you ll enjoy this book.

Considering this is the author s first novel, I enjoyed it immensely The writing style is highly entertaining and carries the story along nicely.I did think the senior officers spent too much time drinking or occasionally acting a little slapstick, but overall the story flows along nicely and is a pleasure to read.If you enjoy your Roman war fiction, you should have fun with this I m looking forward to reading in the series.

Very well written Must admit never tried Roman fiction before but really enjoyed it Turney has great descriptive ability makes you feel like you there as a fly on the wall All this is backed up by great research and knowledge into the period so the illusion isn t spoiled and you stay comfortably in the Roman time warp Since this was his first effort I have absolutely no doubt the sequels are better.

The first book in his trilogy of ancient Rome and it s great I love books on ancient Rome and if you re like me then go for it But be warned you can t just read the first book without wanting to read the other two books I finished the first two and I m deep into the third Great reading Great writing I recommend these books highly.

Immersive read The device of introducing two new Latin words a chapter means you quickly get immersed in the world of the roman army The characters are a little 2d but I liked the fact that the plot wasn t too hammy It s a pretty straight story of soldiers on campaign

Whether you enjoy fiction or historical fiction, this is presented in an entertaining manner that offers intrigue, an insight into ancient thinking, technologies, life style and warfare All in all, a great read

Very enjoyable will definitely want to read the rest of this series Great Battle descriptions giving a flavour of how the roman army operated, good interesting characters, straight forward and easy to read.

  • Free Read The Invasion of Gaul - by S.J.A. Turney
    426 S.J.A. Turney
The Invasion of Gaul