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The Tokyo Look Book #(2021)

The Tokyo Look Book

The Tokyo Look Book

  • Title: The Tokyo Look Book
  • Author: Philomena Keet Yuri Manabe
  • ISBN: 9784770030610
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Softcover
The Tokyo Look Book By Philomena Keet Yuri Manabe,

☆ The Tokyo Look Book ↠ Philomena Keet Yuri Manabe - The Tokyo Look Book, The Tokyo Look Book Tokyo is home to the most creative and stylish fashion in the world The Tokyo Look Book takes us on a dazzling journey through the streets clubs and boutiques of this trendsetting city to introduce

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An entertaining, and certainly informative, book, but it s ultimately a bit like leafing through a fashion magazine It s visually stimulating, but intellectually unsatisfying its scope is wide, but never deep.The Tokyo Look Book paints a complete portrait of Tokyo street culture than previous books on the subject, which often gravitate towards the most outrageous and avant garde fashions Manabe s photographs, though sometimes out of focus, demonstrate that a woman in a fox trimmed trench coat a [...]

The Author has done her research perfectly This book provides you with detailed info about Japanese street fashion along with interviews with the biggest Japanese fashion designers.

Bought it a long time ago in high school and read it a long time ago,when i was crazy with japanese street fashion subcultures.Despite the detailed information,typical street snap fashion shot and appealing visuals, the author didn t explain how the fashion subculture was formed or originated And it didn t really explain what the common japanese people thought about this kind of fashion subculture thing But the author did a great job for the research for this subject, despite she s a non japanes [...]

This book made me want to go immediately to my closet and put on layers of nearly matching clothes and funky accessories, parade around town, and pretend I was being trendy Read my complete review of the book here Note While I critique both purchased and free books in the same way, I m legally obligated to tell you I received this book free through the Vine program in return for my review Blah blah blah.

The chick who wrote this book decided to work at a boutique in Tokyo so she could actually learn to decipher what these fashions mean, what is cool and what is not and most of all WTF I can t wait to find out SO This book really delivered It broke down in detail the major fashion factions and their corresponding sub genres It explained a great deal about the differentiations and the mentalities behind them and there are interviews with the prominent fashion designers in each If WTF is your quest [...]

Reading this book was so amazing it was like being immersed in a completely different culture with a completely different sense of fashion The book covered a wide range of the different styles with many pictures to provide visuals I think part of my amazement stems from wonder these people must have a lot of guts and confidence to wear clothes like this

Excellent, very different from the FRUITS series I thought I was getting yet another looks from crazy japanese from Harajuku book, but it turned out to actually explain many of the strongest fashion groups in Japan, their codes and procedures The book brings excellent cultural and anthropological notes on how Japan generated these original twists of western fashion.

This was a good introduction to the various styles I especially enjoyed the sections on male fashion and the Gyaru scene as these were the areas I knew the least about previously.

Very insightful book on pop culture Great pictures and very pleased with the pictures of Mana sama It s a great book to read look at to see the Tokyo beyond the business cover.

Great overview with lots of photos and good information about the Tokyo fashion scene.

  • ☆ The Tokyo Look Book ↠ Philomena Keet Yuri Manabe
    370 Philomena Keet Yuri Manabe
The Tokyo Look Book