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A Rendição Mais Obscura #(2021)

A Rendição Mais Obscura

A Rendição Mais Obscura

  • Title: A Rendição Mais Obscura
  • Author: Gena Showalter
  • ISBN: 9788468705521
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
A Rendição Mais Obscura By Gena Showalter,

Free Download A Rendição Mais Obscura - by Gena Showalter - A Rendição Mais Obscura, A Rendi o Mais Obscura Ao princ pio melhor pr mio de todos n o era o mais desejado Strider estava possu do pelo dem nio a Derrota e se perdesse um nico desafio sofria uma dor inimagin vel Para ele nada podia interpor se

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Magic and sin.Every time I hear the name Strider I just.I kept thinking what s Aragorn doing in this book Come on, Gena Showalter You can t name your hero Strider and expect me to remain cool about it I have zero chill when it comes to Aragorn Did I accidentally stumble into Middle earth What is this sorcery Tolkien s Strider, it turns out, is nowhere near as arrogant or cocky as Gena Showalter s Strider 2 may be an arrogant bastard, but he s entertaining and, importantly, sexy You have to kiss [...]

My love for Kaia and Strider has grown so much since the first time I read them, it s ridiculously amazing Kaia is so spectacular and Strider is so great and supporting, arg They are, without a doubt, my favorite couple so far They re goals.And let me tell you that holy damn, Harpies are so freaking cool in this narrative I just wish for a spin off focusing solely on them.

Strider Demon of DefeatButterfly on his left hipHis curse He has to win no matter the cost If he does not win any kind of challenge, he will feel intense physical agony, extreme pain for days.Kaia Skyhawk or Kaia the Disappointment A Harpy Supernatural ability She is an immortal and very strong Harpies are much stronger and much deadlier than Lords Her extra personal strength comes from the control of fire.Strider One word for him WIN He is THE male with the biggest EGO So proud of himself Well, [...]

He held fire in his arms and he desperately wanted to be burned.3.5 starsThe Darkest Surrender is the eighth installment of the Lords of the Underworld series, the story of Strider, Keeper of Defeat a.k.a the Beautiful Moron and Kaia the Irritating Harpy Who Stole the Story of Strider.I m mad at Kaia because The Darkest Surrender is mainly about her About her fatal, stupid mistake at the age of 14, about her lost reputation, her ostracism, her relationship with his mother, her struggle to gain r [...]

Read on 23rd of September 2011 Contains detailed sex scenesThe Darkest Surrender is yet another book in the brilliant Lords of the Underworld series Honestly, I devoured it and never wanted it to end Strider and Torin have always been my faves of the Lords so I ve been so eager for Strider s book for such a long time I was ecstatic to get my hands on a copy and I am happy to say it didn t disappoint The storyline was awesome the Harpy games fun and exciting and I was swept away into the tale and [...]

3 Defeated Stars This is the eighth book in the Lords of the Underworld series It was Strider and Kaia s story.I knew going in that this was probably not going to be a favorite of mine I never had warmed up to Strider for some reason He just seemed a bit silly to me You would think that someone that had to win every challenge ever issued would be a Mr no nonsense type of guy He wasn t IMO lolStrider is the keeper of defeat He HAS to win every challenge or he will be in serious pain He s strong, [...]

Yet another fun episode in the Lords of the Underworld series I ve noticed that word crops up almost every time I write a review for one of Showalter s books fun The characters are always so funny, and even when they don t get along, their dislike of each other always includes funny situations and verbal sparring I was a little uncertain of Kaia and Strider as a couple I wasn t exactly thrilled to have one of the protagonists have a sexual history with the other protagonist s friend, but the aut [...]

3.5 STARSI did like it It s just that thought I would like it so MUCH FREAKING MORE I mean, I have been waiting to read a book about one of the Harpies since forever and I thought it would be much better than what it actually was I still adore the plot and the characters so it s extremely hard to rate a book in this series with a lower rating than 4 stars, still I m a bit disappointedI did like Strider, I know many just thought he was too egocentric and vane, but I think he was sweet and funny a [...]

4 5 stars Paranormal RomanceGAWD this cover is gorgeous And Strider He s a sexy, snarky, narcissistic, surprisingly sweet, possessive, protective, and all around badass, fun loving warrior His constant need for challenge to assuage his demon of Defeat and egotistical inner dialogue is freaking hilarious He s one of my favorite Lords and Kaia the Kick Ass my chosen nickname for her Harpy is just perfect for him Darkest Surrender is a great addition to the LOTU series You are not Kaia the Disappoi [...]

I remember when I first heard Strider and Kaia were being paired together It was a bad day for me I pretty much freaked out I was hoping for the Amun Kaia and Strider Haidee pairings However, I learned with Amun and Haidee s book that I should have just trusted Gena in the first place That lesson has been completely reinforced with this book There is no way that Strider or Kaia could be with anyone other than each other They are quite simply, perfect for each other Looking back, I can t believe [...]

Finally got around to finishing this book which really says a great deal about what I thought about it Despite being extremely excited for Strider and Kaia s story I found this addition to the series to be anticlimactic Don t get me wrong the romance story arc between Strider and Kaia was tons of fun as, one would expect, but the plot in this book does not connect well with the general plot of the series In The Darkest Surrender Showalter sets aside the main antagonists thus far, the Hunters, so [...]

I want to steal 5 things from Kaia 1 Her Sumo wrestler coffee table2 Strider3 Her hula lamp4 Strider5 Her sofa that has legs on the armrests.Yes, as you can see I lovedboth Kaia s decorating style and her man But then who can resist Strider the Keeper of Defeat Face of an angel,body od a god and the sense of humour of a devil I am panting just thinking about it But Strider does have a weakness, he can t lose a single challange otherwise he suffers debilitating agony, and Kaia is extremely challe [...]

5 Stars I LOVED IT Where to begin, where to begin.Is it just me, or is this series becoming better, hotter,and so addicting Holy Smokes I ve waiting so long for Strider s novel, little did I know it came with a bonus Kaia What other person could challenge Strider and mean it Looks like Mr King of the freaking world, now has his own personnel sidekick Strider and Kaia are made for each otherESOME Defeat and Harpy, no way denying them.Let the games begin In all honesty, did Strider really think he [...]

Don t bother to ask me why I give such a low rating for this Because I m still mourning.Yeah, you hear me right, I never hate LOTU I love LOTU with all my heart Even I translated one of the book of this series, The Darkest Pleasure And that s like a gift for me But this book make me cry, in a bad way.I despise Strider I hate that his personality change so much He seems funny and entertaining in the beginning I love the scene at The Darkest Kiss, when he shoot Lucien at bed, after Lucien bondaged [...]

2 1 5 STARS.I am % % RT annoyed that the author ruined the ultimate cool Strider s book It doesn t even deserve this score, but I can t bring myself to give a book about Strider a low mark He is so great, she should ve done him justice It s Strider, and she ruined it I need to walk away and breathe before I give it a lower mark Paris book better be GOOD or I m going to do this to the series

3.5Sonunda eviri bitti ve ok bahtiyar m Hala favorim bundan nceki, Amun un kitab.

Puanlamay bizde evrildi inde yapaca m DParis e tek ad ml k mesafedeyim art k Ama okumayaca m kararl y m abuk kar u kitaplar Pegasus _

demonloversbooksand4.5 flamesStrider, one of my favorite Lords, finally found his match Kaia, Harpy extraordinaire, has known for a while now that Strider was her Consort Too bad he doesn t want anything to do with her.Strider s book was awesome, almost as awesome as Strider himself, oh ego check You ll catch Strider doing those ego checks throughout just to remind himself that oh wait, it s not ego if it s true He was a fun hero to have The only thing that drove me nuts was the Harpy Games Whil [...]

4.5 starsGena is a champion If I was stranded on a deserted island with her I would totally tap that well I d tap that occasionallywhenever I unchained her from the writing desk I would miraculously find so that she could continue to write these phenomenal stories The Darkest Surrender was another fan fucking tastic edition to one of my all time favourite series.Strider is sooooo damn edible I want to start at his sexy muscled stomach and work my way out, stopping at the extra hard parts until I [...]

This is the story of Strider who is possessed by the Demon of Defeat and Kaia, a harpy who comes into an interesting other power If you ve been reading all the books, you know that Kaia has been after Strider for quite some time but for some reason, Strider has resisted There were a lot of great and funny lines in this book and the part about the necklace at the end was sooo sweet Way to go, Stridey I do have to say that I really enjoyed the Kaia and Strider moments but they were too long coming [...]

3.5 starsStrider and Kaia are both such great characters I loved them from the moment they were introduced But for some reason, I didn t fall hard for them in their book Don t get me wrong, I liked them.If you asked what I didn t like about this book, I don t think I could tell you I am honestly having a really tough time putting my feelings into words Because while this book was entertaining, I just don t think it was what I was expecting So in a pathetic effort to make sense of my thoughts, he [...]

OHHH MYYY GAAWWWD This is gonna be HOT And I have to wait until September Have you have no heart Ms Showalter I am so excited about this book I love the possessive nature that Kaia showed in the The Darkest Secret the way she almost went harpy when she smelt the peach flavor on Strider sigh I have always been a sucker for the possessive characters and now I will have the exclusive chance to read about two people both with a possessive beheavior I can tell I will love this

Tarih testi zerken kitab bitirmenin gururunu ya yorum Mutluyum, huzurluyum fakat tarihten bir bok anlamad m.Art olarak Gena ad nda m kemmel bir ci ersiz var, kitapta yle bir cinsel gerilim yaratm ki Strider n gereksiz naz sa olsun nas l bekliyorum, nas l i im yan yor B R SEV S NLER ARTIK AMK falan diye i imden pankartlar at yorum Sevi medikleri her b l m yuhal yorum.Vicdans z Gena.Kitaba 4 puan vermemin sebebi bu mu peki Tabii ki bu lan daha b y k bir neden ne olabilir Onun d nda ok be endim fak [...]

Karakterleri di er kitaplardan az ok tan d m z i in her birine kar bir sempatim, merak m vard ancak Strider kayna amad m tek karakterdi Kitab n okumakta fikrimi de i tirmedi.Sahip oldu u iblis Yenilgi oldu u i in beni ld rtt a k as Di er efendilerin iblislerini ben sevmi tim oysa, bunda b yle bir talihsizlik oldu imdiiiii Paris le aramda hi bir ey kalmad , i imde iddetle bir sonraki kitaba atlamak isteyen bir lg n var ama seriye gene k k bir ara verece im Ondan sonra tam gaz devam edece im.

I didn t care much for Strider early on in this series It wasn t until The Darkest Secret that I ever really gave him much thought at all Here, he charms me utterly with his over inflated ego and inner dialogue And while that may not sound all that attractive, I found him endearing that I ever expected that I could.As the story begins, Strider is working hard to resist his attraction to Kaia At the end of the last book, she revealed that he is her consort, but he rejected her outright After all [...]

First, let me say I love the LOTU series Since Strider is my favorite Lord, I had high expectations Unfortunately, I was severely disappointed I was bored throughout most of the book The book starts off explaining how Kaia gets her nickname Kaia the disappointment what a fitting nickname Kaia and her sisters were invited to compete in the Harpy Games basically last harpy standing Kaia not only needs to win in order to shed her nickname but she also faces her greatest enemy from previous games As [...]

Gena Showalter is one of my all time favorite authors The worlds that creates are so real that one can t help but get swept away while reading about them She never disappoints me The Darkest surrender is just one fantastic example of this To tell you the truth I had my reservations about this installment of the Lord s series Strider wasn t exactly one of my favorite characters He seemed way too egotistical to me and that didn t exactly float my boat you know what I mean In this book though, we [...]

one of the best stories so far five out of five if I could I would give it a 6 stars

MY THOUGHTSThe Darkest Surrender is the latest foray in the the realm of the Lords of the Underworld, a group of damaged and tortured alpha men so brilliantly executed their stories play out in crisp detail in our minds while our emotions are teased, tested, and tormented Many times in a series of this length the books can become tired, following a set formula with characters and conflicts substituted in each installment, but Ms Showalter manages to avoid this pitfall and keep us invested on eve [...]

RATING 3.5I have always loved Gena Showalter s Lords of the Underworld series, and The Darkest Surrender is no exception Showalter has a way with words, and can capture a reader with her creative writing style and her splendid world building with ease This is only made better with the addition of all the action, drama, very likeable characters and sizzling romance I was hooked from the first page.I honestly don t know which Lord is my favourite They all have such distinct personalities, and me b [...]

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A Rendição Mais Obscura